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Terms & Conditions

If we ever need to return to replace or improve the quality of our workmanship that is causing an impact on the safety and integrity of the job we have undertaken for you we will do this free of charge for you on the first visit. Providing any issues are reported within the first three months of the job being completed.  

We will, dependant on availability, revisit and rectify issues within one month of reporting. If the issue involves a supplier, then on occasion this could delay the undertaking of any repairs until a resolution has been sought.

Any visits to rectify the damage caused by weather, self-damage or damage by neighbours or pets (and not deemed as due to our workmanship) will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £15 plus any additional materials required. 

From 2018 we will be offering customised Grave Tending services. As each customer will require different options, we cannot place a single price on this service as will on the location,  grave type, work required, how often we visit and how long we stay. We will be happy to this with you in greater detail

Please be aware, we do not share any of your personal information with anyone else without your knowledge or consent.

Terms & Conditions are correct May 2018.

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